This Course focuses on the main issues in international political economics, such as globalization, governance, trade, foreign investment, international migrations and financial markets. Global Political Economy is designed as an introduction to the main ideas, trends, events and forces which shape the political, institutional and social framework in which the world economy develops. For this purpose the course takes a multidisciplinary approach combining questions from various social sciences such as economics and political science.

İstatistiğin gerekli metot ve tekniklerini öğretmek, kullandıkları verilerin yorumlayabilir hale getirmek.

Introduction to legal framework of Business Law. 

Temel Makro Ekonomi konularla ilgili bilgi sağlamaktır.  

Milli Gelir Hesapları,Toplam Talep ve Çarpan,Enflasyon,İstihdam,Para ve Maliye Politikaları, Para ve Modern Bankacılık slstemlerini tanıtmak ve bilgi sağlamaktır.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a sound understanding of microeconomic theory and issues. As it implies, microeconomics deals with the individual: the individual consumer, the individual firm, and the individual industry as they make decisions that affect the allocation of resources in the economy. Therefore, this course discusses the method of economics, scarcity of resources, the interaction of consumers and businesses in the marketplace, and how the market system places a value on factors of production.